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          Xi's vision on the governance of global biodiversity
          Special Report + More
          The Allure of Ice and Snow at the CIFTIS

          The 2021 World Winter Sports Expo was an essential part of the special exhibition on sports services of the CIFTIS, which gathered resources of the ice & snow industry from various countries around the world, exhibited cutting-edge technologies and achievements in certain sectors, and provided all-round support for the upcoming 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics to reach the goal of “300 million people participating in ice & snow sports.”

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          China Focus + More
          SCO Media and Think Tank Forum Discusses Cooperation for Common Development

          The Dushanbe summit was followed by a forum held virtually on September 23. The SCO Media & Think Tank Forum hosted by the China International Publishing Group (CIPG) and the SCO Secretariat brought together ambassadors, scholars and media representatives to discuss the cooperation for common development among the SCO member countries.

          Resuming Sino-US Dialogue, the Time Is Now

          The release of Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou after her unfair detention in Canada at the behest of the US government of more than a thousand days and her safe homecoming to Shenzhen has created euphoria at home and abroad, even in unexpected places such as Japan.

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          Economy/Tech + More
          Revitalizing Time-Honored Tong Ren Tang

          The history and achievements of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) from antiquity to today demonstrate an amazing combination of traditional culture and modern innovative methods of promotion. China recently proposed to integrate TCM with innovation by closely combining the sectors of medicine, industry, education, and research.

          The Rise of Hunan

          Hunan is a province with a long history, rich culture, wonderful natural scenery and fast developing economy. On top of that, Hunan is also a place with a glorious history of revolution under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC). In connection with its rich revolutionary past or “red history” (since the color red represents revolution in China), there are many revolutionary historical sites throughout the province, where revolutionaries like Mao Zedong and Liu Shaoqi fought to bring liberation and a brighter future for the Chinese people.

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          Culture/Sports + More
          Guzheng: A Chinese Stringed Instrument with Long-lasting Popularity

          “Sweetie, you are next. Relax and just focus on your playing,” said Cao Yuanyuan, a young guzheng teacher at Beijing 101 Middle School, while adjusting the collar of Xirong, a girl who was dressed in an elaborate hanfu (a traditional style of Chinese clothing). With an audience of around 200 seated people in the school theater and 100 more watching live streaming online, 14-year-old Xirong paced up and down behind the stage, looking a bit tense, but there were also sparkles of excitement in her eyes. Two minutes later during the school concert, the spotlight shined on her as she played her guzheng solo debut in the Dream Theater of Beijing 101 Middle School.

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          Society/Life + More
          Changsha: Cradle of Youthful Vitality and Passion for Education

          In the beautiful autumn season, I joined a group of journalists to visit Hunan Province in central China. The first of our three stops was in Changsha, the provincial capital. The places we visited set a foundation for understanding Hunan’s history and extraordinary achievements, and they shared two common links, youthful vitality and education.

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          Tourism + More
          Colors of Fall on the Ulan Buh Grassland

          THE largest grassland nearest to China’s capital, Beijing, is located about 300 kilometers from Beijing in the southwest region of the Keshiketeng Banner, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is called the Ulan Buh Grassland.

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